Type T Surface Thermocouple with Adhesive Patch and 200 Inches (5 meters) Long Rugged and Flexible 24 Gage PFA Insulated Wire



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T Type Surface Thermocouple with Adhesive Patch and 200 Inches (5 meters) Length of Rugged and Flexible 24 Gage PFA Insulated Wire with Stripped Leads

  • T Thermocouple is made with highly accurate SLE thermocouple wire encased in a 1" long x 1" Wide x .012" Thick Polyimide Tape Patch with Silicone Adhesive and Lead Wires.
  • Temperature Operating range is -90 to 500 F (-70 to 260 C)
    • Low Temperature range listed is the limit of adhesive. The sensor is capable of -380°F (-200°C)
    • Type T thermocouples have excellent repeatability between –380F to 392F (–200C to 200C) and commonly used in low temperature and Cryogenic applications.
  • Adhesive Surface Patch is accessed by removing a Easy Peel Away clear tape layer allowing the sensor to be quickly placed into position.
  • Lead Wire is 200 Inches (5 meters or 16.66ft ) of a Rugged and Flexible 24 Gage Solid with 500°F (260°C) PFA insulation on each individual wire and the outside jacket. The overall outside diameter is a nominal .056" x .092".
  • Instrument Connection is wire leads with stripped ends
  • ANSI Color Code with a Blue positive copper wire and Red negative constantan wire with a Brown overall jacket 
  • EvoSensors Part Number: T124G-TAPE-1X1-FW-PFXX-200-STWL
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