Surface Thermocouple Type K Fast Response with Surface Mount Adhesive Patch and 80 inches of 30 Gage Fiberglass Insulated Wire with Miniature Connector




Type K Surface Thermocouple with Fast Response, Easy Mounting and Connection 

  • Type K Thermocouple designed for surface temperature measurement with a nominal 1" long x .500" Wide x .01" Thick Polyimide Tape Fiberglass Reinforced Patch with Silicone Adhesive, 80 inches of lead wires and miniature male connector 
  • Temperature Operating Range i-90 to 500 F (-70 to 260 Cwith capabilities to 600 F (315C) with thermal epoxy cement.
  • Response Time can be less than .015 Seconds. The sensor is SLE Accuracy thermocouple wire with a Flattened Bead design encased in Self Adhesive Polyimide Tape providing easy and fast surface mounting. 
  • The tape section of the sensor transitions to 80 inches of Fiberglass insulated wire and a miniature male connector. The wire is rated to 900 F (482 C), it is a 30 Gage Solid construction with Fiberglass insulated wires and outside jacket. The overall outside diameter is a nominal .037" x .050".
  • The design and overall performance capabilities of this product provides accurate and fast surface temperature for Semi-Conductor, Oil and Gas, Off-Road and Agriculture Equipment, Automotive, Aerospace, overall Product Development and Testing along with many other industries.
  • EvoSensors part number K2S-TAPE-REC-FW-1-FGXX-80-MPCX
  • Location: D-6-4

Consider the following Accessories to complete your Sensor System

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