Type J #12 Washer Thermocouple with an Ungrounded Junction and 6 ft of Fiberglass Insulated Stainless Steel Overbraid Wire Leads.



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Type J #12 Washer Thermocouple with Ungrounded Junction and 6ft of Fiberglass Insulated Stainless Steel Overbraid Wire Leads

  • Type J Washer thermocouple with a #12 Washer design. The washer has a 0.330" diameter mounting hole for a 1/4" or 5/8" Screw or Bolt providing secure mounting 
  • Temperature Operating range is 32 to 900°(0 to 482°C)
  • Wire Leads are 6 ft (72 inches) of Fiberglass insulated Type J 20 Gage Stranded thermocouple wire with Stainless Steel Overbraid.
  • Instrument Connection is stripped wire leads. 
  • Ungrounded Design thermocouple junction minimizes electrical interference  
  • Provides excellent surface temperature measurement solutions for food, plastics and packaging equipment along overall custom automation or testing equipment. 
  • EvoSensors Part Number: J1X-BDWU-330-20S-FGSB-72-STWL
  • Location E-3-4 

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