Type R/S Thermocouple Extension Wire - PFA Insulated 24 Gage Stranded



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Type R/S Type Thermocouple Extension Wire - PFA Insulated 24 Gage Stranded

  • Type R/S Extension Grade Thermocouple wire is designed to accurately transfer the thermocouple signal from Type R or Type S Platinum Rhodium thermocouple probes to your temperature measurement instrumentation.
  • The wire is a Thermocouple Compensating Alloy and not the expensive precious metal platinum rhodium materials.
  • 2-Wire parallel design with 500°F (260°C) PFA Insulation on both .020" diameter 24 Gage Solid Wires and PFA as the overall jacket.
  • ANSI color code with a Black on the Copper Positive wire and Red on the Alloy 11 Negative wire with and overall Green Outside Jacket
  • Overall nominal dimension of .050" x .080"
  • Evosensors part number: RSE-PFXX-24S-(enter number)FT 
    • Part Number Example: RSE-PFXX-24S-100FT for a 100ft length
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