4 Wire Pt100 RTD Sensor with FEP Encapsulated Element and 9 ft of Lead Wire




4 Wire Pt100 RTD Sensor with FEP Encapsulated Element and 9 ft of Lead Wire

  • Sensor Design - is a 4-wire RTD with a Pt100 Class A accuracy element for both Fast Response and Excellent Accuracy.
  • Temperature Operating range is - 90 to 400°F (-70 to 200°C
  • FEP Thin Wall Closed End tube provides protection of exposed temperature sensing element and allows immersion up to 4 inches into fluids. 
  • Wire Leads - 9 ft (108 inches) of PFA insulated 26 Gage Stranded nickel plated 4 conductor twisted wire with 2 Red and 2 Black color code on the inner wire and white overall jacket and an overall nominal diameter of .098"
  • Instrument Connection - Stripped Wire Leads
  • Applications - The 4-wire design provides a higher level of temperature measurement accuracy as compared to a 2 or 3-wire design. The sensors immunity from electrical interference and FEP encapsulated exposed element is perfect for HVAC, Semi-Conductor and other wet, corrosive or immersion application.
  • EvoSensors Part Number: P4A-TF22-26S-PX-PTBC-PFXX-108-STWL
  • Location B-6-18

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