Fast Response Exposed Element RTD Sensor 2 Wire Design Pt100 Class B Accuracy 36 Inch Long Leads


SKU: P2B-TF22-26S-PX-0.08-PFXX-36-STWL

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Fast Response Exposed Element RTD Sensor 2 Wire Design

  • 2 Wire Pt100 (Platinum 100 Ohm) RTD sensor with 36" inches (3 ft) of 2 Conductor (PFA) insulated 26 gage stranded lead wire with stripped ends
  • Temperature Operating range -90 to 500 F (-70 to 260 C
  • Exposed RTD element with a transition to 500 F rated epoxy to the lead wire.
  • Wire Leads are 36" inches (3 ft) long with  a 500 F (260C) rated PFA insulation.
  • Wire Construction is a 2 wire parallel design made with 26 stranded (7/34) nickel plated copper. Both are insulated with PFA with one lead colored red and the other black. A white outside jacket and an overall diameter of .045" x .075”. 
  • The sensor provides a fast response and minimizes electrical interference in Power Electronics, Transformers, and Motor applications.
  • EvoSensors Part Number - P2B-TF22-26S-PX-0.08-PFXX-36-STWL
  • Location: C-2-1

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