Surface Thermocouple Type J with Surface Mount Adhesive Patch and 80 inches of 30 Gage PFA Insulated Wire with Stripped Leads



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Type J Surface Thermocouple Adhesive Patch Design with 80 inches (6.75ft - 2 meters) of Wire Leads with Stripped Ends

  • Surface Patch is 1" long x 3/4" (.750") Wide x .012 Thick Polyimide Fiberglass Reinforced Patch with a Silicone Adhesive for easy surface mounting.
    • Patch size can be customized by our manufacturing team or trimmed in the field.
    • Silicone adhesive will work well in wet environments with appropriate preparation of the surface area to be measured 
  • Temperature Operating range is 32 to 500°F (0 to 260 C)
    • The sensor assembly is capable to -100°F (-73°C) although when Type J thermocouples are utilized below 32° (0°C) the accuracy deteriorates
    • Overall Type J thermocouples provide excellent accuracy in the temperature range of 212°F to 932°F (100 to 500°C) and make it ideal for testing plastic, composites and coating materials along with electronics and overall product development.
  • Wire Leads are 80" inches (6.75ft or 2 meters ) long of High Accuracy (SLE) grade thermocouple wire with 500°F (260°C) rated PFA (Plastic Fluoropolymer) insulation
  • Wire Construction is 30 Gage (.010") solid bare wires in a parallel design individually insulated and with a outside jacket of PFA. The overall outside diameter is a nominal .022" x .038".
  • Color Code is ANSI - white positive Iron wire and red negative Constantan wire with a clear overall jacket.
  • Instrument Connection is stripped bare wire leads
  • Application and Industries include Surface Temperature measurement of Plastic and Composite materials, Chemical coatings, Research Product Development along with many other industries
  • Evosensors Part Number: J1X-TAPE-REC-FW-1-PFXX-80-STWL
  • Location G-3-10
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