Thermocouple Connector Accessories Miniature Wire Clamp Bracket



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Miniature Thermocouple Connector Stainless Steel Wire Clamp Bracket

  • Universal Design supports both 2 and 3 pin male and female Thermoplastic and Thermoset miniature thermocouple and RTD connectors.
    • Ceramic and Ultra High temperature thermoset connectors require a Different wire clamp bracket strain relief.
  • Accepts Wire or Cable Diameter from 0.100" (2.5 mm) to 0.215" Inch (5.5 mm) Diameter. Smaller diameter wire can be accommodate with shrink tube or wire grommets applied.
  • Stainless Steel clamps and screws 
  • EvoSensors Part Number: FIT-CLMP-CON-FP-X-MPCX 
  • Location: A-1-18
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