Wire Clamp Bracket for Ultra High Temperature Miniature Thermocouple Connector



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Wire Clamp Bracket for Ultra High Temperature Miniature Thermocouple Connectors

  • Wire Clamp Bracket is designed to work with our Miniature Ultra High Temperature Thermoset Thermocouple Connectors such as part number K1X-MALE-CON-FP-X-MUHX Click on this link or the connector product images below.
  • Supports Wire and Cable diameters from .100" (2.54 mm) to .215" (5.46 mm)
  • Stainless Steel stamping in a triangular design with the clamp section extending .623" (16 mm) past the end of the connector. 
  • EvoSensors Part Number: FIT-CLMP-CON-FP-X-MUHX
  • Location: A-1-26

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