Thermocouple Connector Accessories - Miniature Rubber Grommet for Fine Diameter 30 Gage and Similar Thermocouple Wire Pairs



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Miniature Rubber Connector Grommet for Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire and Miniature Thermocouple Connector

  • .020" Inch (.05 mm) Opening and Slit for fine diameter thermocouple wire.
  • Temperature Operating range -40°F to 400°F (-40 to 200°C)
  • Designed for 30 gage (.022" x .038") and Similar Dimensioned parallel insulated thermocouple wire pairs. 
    • Fits in the internal rear cutout of miniature thermocouple connectors
    • Compresses on wire when connector cap is secured to the body.
    • Can provide some limited support of 36 gage (.017" x .028") 40 gage (.015" x .024") parallel insulated thermocouple wire pairs
  • Slit Design allows the wire to be quickly pressed into position from the side rather than needing to thread the wire through the opening.
  • Ingress Protection for the fine diameter wire entrance into miniature thermocouple connector and some strain relief for the wire.
  • Temperature Operatiing range - 40°F to 400°F (-40 to 200°C)
  • Evosensors Part Number:  FIT-GROM-CON-FP-.020-MPCX
  • Location: A-2-41
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