Type J Thermocouple Connector Standard Size Male



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Type J Thermocouple Connector Standard Size MaleRugged Industrial Thermoplastic Design rated to 400°F (200 C) 

  • The Type J Standard Size Male thermocouple connector is a rugged molded design made from high quality glass filled Engineered Thermoplastic materials.
  • Temperature Operating range -40 to 400°F (-40 to 200°C).
  • Round Male pins - with a small diameter Positive Iron pin and larger diameter Negative Constantan thermocouple alloys.
  • Wire Connection terminals provide a clamp down washer providing an easy to use although secure thermocouple wire connection point. A molded internal barrier prevents short circuits.
  • Stainless Steel screws with a Combination Head design accepting both slotted and phillips head screwdrivers.
    • Captive and single screw design on the connector cap provide ease of assembly and eliminates the frustration of dropping or losing screws.  
  • EvoSensors part number - J1X-MALE-CON-RP-X-SPCX - Click here for Product Specification Data Sheet (PDF)
  • Location: A-5-13

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