RTD M12 Connector Male Straight 4 Pin Round Body Design




RTD Connector with a M12 Male Round Four Pin Straight Plug

  • Male RTD Connector with a Four Pin M12 Straight Connector Plastic Body
  • Provides 2, 3 or 4 Wire Connection Options
  • Accepts a Wide Range of Wire Diameters. 
  • Thick and Thin Wall Rubber Grommets included to support insulated wire from .157" (4 mm) to .315" (8 mm).
  • Shrink Tubing can be utilized with Grommets for Smaller Diameter Wire.
  • Screw Terminations accepts bare wire from 16 AWG (.050") to 24 AWG (.020) 
  • Temperature Range -22 to 176 F (-30 to 80 C)
  • Evosensors Part Number - U4X-MALS-CON-MP-X-M12P
  • Location: E-5-7

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