RTD Short Length Probe 2" Long x 3/16" Diameter Fiberglass Insulated Wire Leads Pt100 Class A Design



RTD Short Length Probe 2" Long x 3/16" Diameter with 900 F Plus (500 C) Fiberglass Insulated Wire Leads Pt100 Class A Design
  • The RTD is a 2-inch-long Stainless-Steel sheath 3/16" diameter probe with Fiberglass Insulated Wire leads. The temperature operating range is -90 to 900 F (-70 to 482 C) with a Class A Tolerance of -58 to 572 F (-50 to 300 C).
  • The sensor design is a Pt100 - 3 wire Class A accuracy assembly with high purity mineral insulation to provide temperature stability. An epoxy seal provides the transition from the probe to 40 inches of Fiberglass insulated and 900 F (482 C) temperature rated wire. The wire construction is a 3-conductor 26 Gage Stranded (7/34) design with an overall outside nominal diameter of .072".
  • The Compact 2-inch Version of the very popular TBXS RTD Probe Series is an excellent solution for applications with Space Restrictions. It is a Go to Design with process development, product development, testing, machinery, and equipment in Bio-Pharmaceutical, Medical, Aerospace, Food Processing, HVAC, Refrigeration, and other industries.
  • EvoSensors Part Number P3A-TBSX-188-PX-2-FGXX-40-STWL
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