Type K Miniature Panel Mount Thermocouple Connector




Type K Miniature Panel Mount Thermocouple Connector- Rectangular Design with Rear Mounting Stainless Steel Bracket

Panel Mount Thermocouple Connectors can also be referenced as thermocouple panel jack connectors, jack panel connectors and or panel inserts along with other variations of these terms. 

The Connector Body can be Rectangular or Round made from thermoplastic, thermoset, ceramic and sometimes metal shells. The connector is Inserted into a Control or Instrument Panel for a Fast and Easy to Use connection to the thermocouple temperature measurement sensors. 99% of Time the panel mount connectors are a Female Configuration designed to accept male connectors with wire leads from a thermocouple sensor. 

  • This Miniature Thermocouple Panel Jack Connector design accepts the flat male Type K nickel-chrome and nickel-aluminum thermocouple alloy pins.
  • The female pins are Polarized with a larger width negative flat pin and smaller width positive pin to ensure proper connection.
  • The Type K thermocouple pins themselves have a temperature measurement range of –454 to 2,300F (–270 to 1260C) although the Operating Range is determined by the Temperature Rating of the Insulating Material separating the positive and negative legs.
  • The connector is a compact although rugged unibody molded design made from high quality Engineered Thermoplastic material with maximum temperature operating range of 400 F (200 C).
  • A Rear Mounting Stainless Steel Bracket provides fast and secure mounting.
  • An innovative Spring Loaded terminal contact washer provides an easy to use although secure thermocouple wire connection point. A molded internal barrier prevents short circuits.
  • The screws are Stainless Steel with a Combination Head Design accepting both Slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers. 
  • The connector body dimensions are .925" (23.5 mm) wide by .551" (14 mm) high by .748" (14 mm) deep with a .110" (28 mm) long attachable rear mountable stainless steel bracket
  • EvoSensors part number - K1X-FEMX-CON-FP-X-MPJF
  • Location: A-3-37

Consider the following Accessories to complete your Panel Mount Connector System

  Miniature Male Thermocouple Connector Thermocouple Wire Type K 24 Gage PFA Insulated 100 ft Long



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