Type J Thermocouple Connector Adapter - Accepts Miniature Flat Pin Male and Converts to Standard Round Pin Male



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Type J Thermocouple Connector Adapter - Accepts Miniature Flat Pin Male and Converts to Standard Round Pin Male

  • Accepts Miniature Size Flat pin male thermocouple connector and converts to Standard Round pin male.
    • Commonly used with Control Panels utilizing Standard Size Female Jack Panel connectors and thermocouple probes with miniature flat pin male connectors 
  • The Type J thermocouple connector adapter is a rugged molded design made from high quality glass filled Engineered Thermoplastic material.
    • RoHS Compliant
  • Temperature Range of Connector Body: -40 to 400°F (-40 to 200°C).
    • Connector is capable of accurately transferring the full range of Type J thermocouples
  • All Connector Pins are made with Type J thermocouple alloys.
    • Connector pins are polarized to assist with the proper positive and negative alloy connection.
    • The Negative nickel copper pin is larger diameter or width as compared to the Positive iron pins
  • EvoSensors part number: J1X-FMTR-CON-SMMF-JC-MSPC
  • Click for Product Dimension as PDF Spec Sheet
  • Location: H-3-6
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