RTD M12 Connector Extension Cable Assembly Straight Female Design 1.5 meters silicone wire



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RTD Extension Cable 1.5 Meters Long with a RTD M12 Connector 4 Wire Straight Body Female Connector and Stripped Ends
  • The 4-Wire RTD Extension Cable has a termination of a M12 four pin straight body female connector molded onto a 1.5 meter length of wire with the opposite termination being stripped leads.
  • The design is capable of accommodating 2, 3 and 4 Wire RTD Sensor or Automated Industrial Sensor Connections.
  • The extension cable assembly has a  -40 to 194 F (-40 to 90 Ctemperature operating capabilities.
  • The cable is a 1.5 Meter Length with silicone insulation on the overall jacket and on the individual wires. The color coded of the internal wires is Brown, White, Blue and Black
  • The wire is a .160" (4 mm) diameter. The 4 internal conductors are made from 24 gage stranded (7/32) copper tinned bare wires with an insulated diameter of approximately .040" (1 mm).
  • The Molded Female M12 Connector and Cable has an IP-67 Ingress Protection Rating. 
  • The stripped wire termination can be Customized to fit you connection needs
  • The design and overall performance capabilities of this product provides a protected connection solution from vibration, moisture and dirt along with providing ease of maintenance
  • Evosensors part number U4W-CBSX-24S-MPFS-1.5M-M12S
  • Location: E-6-8
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